NATT are excited to be launching new workshops on their process of devising. As part of the company’s ‘Tull 100’ project, we hope to hold workshops both educating all on the life of Walter Tull as well as providing insight into our rehearsal process - this heavily revolves around the use of Physical Theatre, with playfulness, improvisation and movement practise.

Our workshops will introduce the participants to the principles of our work ethic and possible approaches to devising theatre. This is perfect for students who are studying devising theatre at all levels, as well as groups who wish to experience a new challenge or change of perception: we keep things exciting, with twist and turns from traditional theatre practitioners. Through these, we hope to inspire, educate and have fun, giving new perspective to drama.


Why book?

One of our primary goals at NATT is to introduce theatre to non-theatre audiences and participants. We believe art should be accessible for all. So, we design our workshops and rehearsal sessions to include games, stretching, breath work and devising structure taken from multiple disciplines from theatre to football to yoga to rugby. And we are never right. There is no right. We too are constantly exploring and encouraging to explore. We don’t tell you what to do - we ask you “what if?”. We’re interested in your stories.



Our workshops are available to be held at a space at your venue or school. The space should be of reasonable size with the ability to move but we can play with anything. A sprung floor studio is optimal.

An even number of participants are preferable and prices will be estimated in regard to given participation. These workshops will be tailored to your specific needs. Any certain needs should be shared in the booking form.

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