Tull 100

‘Tull 100’ commemorates the life of Walter Tull, a British hero whom you may not even know. Tull was orphaned, tackled through racism in football and became the first Black officer in the BEF during WWI. This piece was performed at a time 100 years from the end of the War and from Walter’s death. Today racism and lack of diversity are ever present, and this is something we mean to share, truthfully.



Walter Tull - Jack Porteous

Daniel Tull - John Matanda

Alice Palmer/Ensemble - Laura Bentley

Clara Palmer/Ensemble - Sophie Chamberlain

Billingham/Ensemble - Dean Jones

Ensemble - Billy Taylor

Ensemble - Alan Smith

Ensemble - Martin Boileau

Big Ideas

‘Tull 100’ started as a part of the ‘#nobarriers’ and ‘#footballremembers’ project, initiated by Big Ideas. Big Ideas deliver community and education projects locally, nationally and globally, changing the way that the world is perceived through bringing groups together and creating new experience and relationships.

It was appropriate that for NATT’s debut production, a company such as Big Ideas with such a strong ethos for bringing together and finding new experiences would be a great influence and sponsor.

At the end of the primary ‘Tull 100’ run at The Cripps Hall Theatre, NATT were awarded a medal by Big Ideas, recognising the project as an outstanding contribution to telling the story of Walter Tull in a creative and meaningful way.




Starting in January 2018, NATT began to form into the company it is today - it all started in a small classroom with 5 people, walking around some cups. This ended up developing into one of the most powerful scenes in the piece, the walkover of the Spring Offensive.

The company devised the piece over the next year through fortnightly or weekly rehearsals, balancing the lives of family, work and education. However, on the 23, 24 and 25th of November, NATT received sell out audiences for ‘Tull 100’ at The Radcliffe Centre in Buckingham.

From this, the company decided that it would be right to perform the piece one last time at The Cripps Hall Theatre in Northampton - this was only a minutes walk from where Walter would be praised at Northampton Town Football Club for his football skills. He spent many happy years here and it only felt appropriate to come together for one night only.

Just amazing ... everyone should watch it ... inspirational and life enhancing ... challenging and thought provoking.
— Andy Hodgson
A triumph of excellent directing, profound acting, imaginative use of movement, seamless stage management/sets/costumes and great scripting.
— Jon Harvey
An incredible show - informative and fun yet stirring and emotional.
— Dawn Burnham
A privilege to have seen this mesmerising production created by a very talented group of people. The performances by all the cast were excellent and the audience became totally involved as the tragic events and the sheer futility of the war unfolded. It deserves to be performed over and over again.
— Maggie Ley
Phenomenal performance. So much talent in this theatre group. This production needs to be shared around the country.
— Tracy Smith
Really up there as one of the best shows I have ever seen.
— John Mellors
A life lesson for all age groups and certainly to be promoted and encouraged at schools.
— Judy Jones