Just amazing ... everyone should watch it ... inspirational and life enhancing ... challenging and thought provoking.
— Andy Hodgson
A triumph of excellent directing, profound acting, imaginative use of movement, seamless stage management/sets/costumes and great scripting .
— Jon Harvey
An incredible show - informative and fun yet stirring and emotional.
— Dawn Burnham
A privilege to have seen this mesmerising production created by a very talented group of people. The performances by all the cast were excellent and the audience became totally involved as the tragic events and the sheer futility of the war unfolded. It deserves to be performed over and over again.
— Maggie Ley
A life lesson for all age groups and certainly to be promoted and encouraged at schools.
— Judy Jones
Really up there as one of the best shows I have ever seen.
— John Mellors
Phenomenal performance. So much talent in this theatre group. This production needs to be shared around the country.
— Tracy Smith

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